Lightning Fitness Cards - Military Style Fitness Workout Cards


Exercise Made Easy

Lightning Fitness Cards are military style workout cards created by fitness leader Sergeant First Class Michael Fuller. With Lightning Fitness Cards, you use your own bodyweight to complete challenging but fun exercises to strengthen and tone your entire body.

This product will benefit you and your life by making exercise easier to plan out and conduct.  Workout from home, on the go, outdoors, the gym ... anywhere!  The bodyweight deck has 52 exercises and works your Core, Chest, Legs, Shoulders, Arms and more.

Shuffle your workout, get in shape... Lightning Fast.







Lightning Fitness Cards LLC. is a proud partners with the Army Emergency Relief and Navy SEAL Foundation. 



5% of all profits go directly to benefit the Army Emergency Relief and Navy SEAL Foundation.  

Lightning Fitness Cards proudly support veterans, military service members and their families.  

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