About Us


Created and designed by military fitness leader Army Sergeant First Class Michael Fuller, a highly decorated combat veteran of Afghanistan.  Fuller is an combat engineer turned entrepreneur who is combining his 12 years of military leadership, wartime, and fitness knowledge to create Lightning Fitness Cards. 

Originally coming up with the idea to design fitness cards in 2007, Fuller flew on Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters from remote bases in Afghanistan where there was not always time to plan a workout, and places that likely did not have a gym. Lightning Fitness Cards design a new workout for you every time simply by shuffling the deck.  This allowed for random quick workouts, and are great for on the go. 

Fuller designed a program that uses the fundamentals of military training techniques in a deck of cards that can be used by both service members and civilians. The cards are simple to use, but the technique is fundamentally sound.  The cards are convenient and durable, which makes them easy to take almost anywhere. 

Combining military fitness knowledge and bodyweight exercise technique, Lightning Fitness Cards create a product for anyone to use.  Great for someone who needs to start exercising, or the person who works out everyday.  Fast and easy to mix up your workout, just shuffle and go.

Lightning Fitness Cards are a portable personal trainer that gives anyone the principles of military fitness without needing to go to boot camp. Designed to use your own bodyweight to strengthen and tone your entire body, shuffling the deck gives you the randomness of the exercises and continues to challenge your muscles.

Put the strength of military style fitness in your pocket. 

Shuffle your workout.  Get in shape... Lightning Fast!